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Kodi doesn't work anymore

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    Have you recently updated anything major, like perhaps moving from Jessie to Stretch? Looking at the runcommand.log, your problem seems to be similar to other Kodi users who had just run system-wide updates. Most of the help requests I found were not responded to, but there was one suggestion that the graphical environment was damaged during the update and specifically that the display server was not coming up. I'm afraid I can't really be of further help here, but perhaps this will point someone more knowledgeable on the subject in the right direction.

  • Yes. I updated all packages and Retropie version too because I had issues on scraping from thegamesdb

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    here is a quick test it will involve setting kodi up again you need to make sure kodi isint running at all.

    ssh in type

    mv .kodi .kodibackup

    try start kodi now and see if it works it will rule out a bad config and you have your old config backed up if thats not the case

  • @grant2258 said in Kodi doesn't work anymore:

    mv .kodi .kodibackup

    it still doesn't run

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    kodi needs to be closed when you do that or it will write the old config back . If it was close update kodi binary from retropie-setup

  • @chuck_b you seem to have corrupted files in your RetroPie installation, probably not only Kodi. When you updated RetroPie didn't you got any errors ? The latest Kodi log says you are still running Jessie and Kodi 17.4. Anyway, try this:

    sudo apt-get install --reinstall kodi kodi-bin

  • I unistalled kody previously and reinstalled but nothing changed. I restorered my old backup no works.
    I just don't understand why updating Retropie creates that isssue

  • @chuck_b Updating RetroPie does not have any issue at least that I know off. Thing is, if you are updating from Jessie to Stretch, it will be alot of package dowload and installation. If you don't have a stable system, like a good/stable power supply and a good/stable microSD card it is likely to cause problems.
    For example, I had at my hands some microSD cards, that dispite working well after first instalation, they just don't work well doing alot of reads/writes of small blocks, I remember one recent Samsung EVO plus and one Kingston. Just like upgrading the kernel, the system freezes (or at least takes an extremely long time) and causes lots of file corruption, like you seem to have.
    If you have a backup, why don't you just install the latest RetroPie version and copy over your settings/roms/etc?
    And please post all hardware that you have, like asked in "read this first".

  • @rascas I'm using a Raspberry PI 3 with an official power supply. My sd card is a 16 gb SanDisk Ultra.

    @rascas said in Kodi doesn't work anymore:

    If you have a backup, why don't you just install the latest RetroPie version and copy over your settings/roms/etc?

    I'm not sure about which directories i have to copy, because i changed different settings

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