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  • I was wondering if i could change the key for switching to command line mode.
    By default to switch mode you have to press F4, but I have a mini wireless keyboard that doesn't have F1 ... F11 keys, so I'd like to change the key to do that

    Is it possibile to set a different key (or better a keys combination) for switching to command line mode?

  • @chuck_b You would need to edit the ES source code and recompile.

    I believe this is the line you would need to edit by replacing SDLK_F4 with the SDL keycode value for your preferred key. You can find a list here.

  • Doing this I have to do it again every single time I update the system, right?

  • @chuck_b Yes, whenever you update all installed packages or just ES from the setup script.

    I would keep a copy of the new ES binary with the remapped quit key and then, after updating, you can overwrite the ES binary with your modded version, unless, of course, there is a new feature in ES that you desire, in which case, you would need to recompile.

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