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Audio scratching and slow on any emulator

  • Hi there my pc is a laptop lenovo ideapad 320 running linux ubuntu mate:

    processor: AMD A10-9620P
    Ram: 8Gb
    video card: AMD Radeon R7
    Hard disk: 1Tb

    Basically yesterdayday due to some system crashes my ubuntu 18.04 I decided to format my laptop installing Ubuntu mate. First of all I have moved all my 700gb roms in my external 2tb hard disk. After Ubuntu mate is installed I have downloaded retropie and installed all the basic and optional emulators. I have enabled the usb on retropie for reading my roms from the external hard disk. The roms and iso looks like are running well and fast but the issue I found is about the audio. Basically any kind of emulator like ps, snes, gameboy or mega drive have the audio scratching doing some noise and a bit slow.

    What am I able to do to fix this issue?


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    @tackskull What emulator exactly ? Does it happen only in RetroArch or also in a standalone emulator ?

  • So, I try to ppsspp (not the lr one) and the audio is ok, than with stand alone n64 emulators looks like audio i ok but if I try the lr n64 emulator the issue come. So looks like only the lr emulators of any kind of system it gives audio problems and the stand alone emulators don't have any problem.

  • Any advise?

  • Guys I askyou please to help me, this issue is so annoing

  • I have installed the Kubuntu again on my pc and installed again retropie. The sound was good without any problem, but now this issue came back again. Is it probably because I've tried to install again the ps2 emulator that is asking me something about sdl12? Ps2 emulator failed to install anyway, but how can I get the basics settings back?

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