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Errors writing .img files to SD Card.

  • Hello everyone! Wondering if anybody has a remedy for the issue I've been having writing the All Killer No Filler image from BUDZ71.

    Whenever I try to write the image to SD using either Win32 or dotNet Disk Imagers it will go for about a minute and then comes up with the error I have in the screenshot below. My SD card is in a SD to USB adapter and is drive E when inserted, this is telling me to format F, so I'm wondering if the image is creating partitions on the drive and Windows is wondering what to do with the new hardware? It happens with multiple .img files, so wondering what I'm missing?

    Thanks for any help you may have!


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    @trkaiser77 We don't support 3rd party images - that's clearly stated in
    That aside, your card may be too small for the image, even though it says its capacity is 128Gb. Get a smaller image, may I suggest to start with the one from The format message from Windows is normal, the F: partition is a Linux partition that Windows doesn't know how to read and it thinks it's unformatted.

  • @mitu Thanks for the reply.

    I've tried to write the 64GB version of the .img and am getting the same error so I was thinking I may have to tinker with some settings in either Windows or whichever application I use to write the files. I have no issue getting the images from onto the card. Went with a 3rd party image after having a failure with my original SD, was hoping to not have to put the seemingly endless hours of configuring and scraping into another one so I thought this was worth a shot.


  • @trkaiser77 I believe it is caused by the image file itself All killer > No filler

    Please start from beginning with an unconfigurated image those internet images can contain backdoors and other unnecessary scum you just do not want to have. So understand the willingness to give you support.

  • I found the issue was with my USB to SD adapter. The image did contain partitions and windows detected a new USB storage device, halting the write operation. I had no issue when writing to SD on my laptop using a standard SD slot. Image is clean, well configured right out of the gate.

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