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What's the relationship between a ROM file and its gamelist?

  • Hello guys
    I'm trying to write a gamelist editor application with some features, and I need to check the ROM directory and compare its content with the content of a gamelist. So I'll be able to clean the gamelist.xml by removing the absent games or adding new entries based on the physical content of a ROM directory.
    Is the filename of a ROM file what is used in a gamelist to have a match?

  • The gamelist.xml ROM details and ROM filename MUST be exactly the same

    You can rename any ROM filename to anything you want, I remove all country codes and anything else in my ROMs so you are left with nothing but the pure ROM name BEFORE I scrape the files. That way its guaranteed to all match and not cause any confusion later for missing media. Also, if the gamelist.xml data doesn't match the ROM this causes big problems for video or snapshots as the names now don't match so ES doesn't know what to load for media playback

    IE :

    Crash Bandicoot.img (for PSX) is my filename and gamelist.xml ROM name, but the original may be Crash Bandicoot (E) (!) (a1).img. I strip ANY extra information as I like my ROMs nice and neat and also the ROM list name neat

  • Thanks steptoe for your answer.

    If I rename the ROM file, how does the Scraper identify that ROM file?

  • administrators

    @danielsian depends on the scraper. Sselphs scraper uses hashes so what the file is named is irrelevant in that case

  • I assumed they all used hashes, as I used SkraperUI (same guy that wrote UXS) and it found all my renamed ROMs and more, that sselphscraper struggled to find

  • Thank you guys. I'm not gonna make a scraper, just a gamelist editor, so I'm safe now on what to do ;-)

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