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  • So on my arcade I only have 4 buttons for inputs (plus joystick) per person. Some fighting games require 6 buttons. So my thought is to re map the buttons .
    button 1= hotkey
    button 2= input 1
    button 3= input 2
    button 4= input 3
    button 2 + button 1 = input 4
    button 3 + button 1 = input 5
    button 4 + button 1= input 6

    But i can't seem to get that to work when I hit tab while running mame2003

    I am also pulling up retro arch config stuff, but That is a bit confusing to me. Any suggestions?

    Pi Model or other hardware: raspberry pi3
    Power Supply used: approved power supply
    RetroPie Version Use= 4.3
    Built From: sd image on retro website

    USB Devices connected: controllers


  • @ironj679 That feature is supported in lr-fbalpha.

  • @dudleydes Well, I can't seem to get it to work. I pull up the quick menu. (looks a lot like retroarch) and i can't get two buttons to act as one input.
    Is there a way to access a FBA menu? or is it using the retroarch interface? Also, I could get a "test" screen up. But this looks like I am just testing input and not actually re mapping.

  • @ironj679 Just to clarify, you are using lr-fbalpha. The feature you are looking for isn't available in lr-mame2003, only lr-fbalpha.

  • @dudleydes Correct, to be straigt up honest. This is my first time trying to configurelr-fbalpha. I maybe doing this wrong. But I have been triggering the menus from in game. I can easily bring up the retroarch quick menu. Then I can bring up a game test menu. I spent about 3 hours of googling and trying things out with lr-fbalpha. With no luck of a menu in the software. My current theory is one has to edit the config file manually. where alt=301 or something like that. That quickly got dizzying, and I decided to stop the efforts for the night.

  • @ironj679 From the Quick Menu in the RGUI, select Options, if you scroll down you should see entries as below:


    You can then define your button for the combo P1 Buttons AB, for example, using the D-pad left and right to make your selection. Your changes should be saved when you exit lr-fbalpha.

  • @dudleydes oh my gosh! Right there! Thanks so much!!

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