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X-Arcade Tankstick & Joystick selection problem

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm having a curious problem...

    I installed the joystick selection and I've added the X-arcade tankstick (2player) controller and a bluetooth DS4.

    When i started a game, the DS4 was default selected and i wanted to play with the x-arcade controller.

    Scenario 1:
    I unplug my DS4 and i can perfectly play with 1 or 2 players on the x-arcade controller and the button mapping works fine

    Scenario 2:
    I configure the controllers via the joystick selection, for player 1 the input should be X-arcade player 1 and for player 2 the input should be X-arcade player 2.

    Scenario 1 works perfectly

    But when i boot a game in scenario 2, i can only use the X-arcade player 2 as controller and the button mapping seems to be wrong.

    Any idea what the problem could be?


  • @fallen86 Are you using the Xarcade2jstick driver? I assume yes. I also have the tankstick, and I reverted to keyboard mode on it, and mapped one and two player controls manually. Not sure if that will help you in this context, but I haven't had much luck with the that driver personally. Here's a link to retroarch.cfg that can help explain that process to setup 2 player controls (just don't use the setup for player 3 and 4.)

    EDIT: Fixed the link.

  • @fuzznuzzbit thanks a lot!

    And yes i use the xarcade2jstick driver, i'll test your way over the weekend, do you also use the joystick selection tool to assign P1 and P2?

  • @fallen86 I'm in the middle of a rebuild or I would send you my config to help. I learned my lessons about backup the hard way. It's been a while and I did use joystick selection tool, but I rarely played 2 player games the way you are. My biggest concern was mapping a specific USB controller to each game.
    I have a feeling the problem is with the driver for you, because the tansktick functions as a keyboard and the driver is working around that to emulate a USB gamepad. Good news is if that doesn't help solve the problem, it's easy to roll back to the driver.

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