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  • I have been looking around for usb paddle controllers for Atari 2600. Some sites I have been to have been sold out and other sites have reviewer comments that the ones being sold on the site are total garbage.. . Any insight where to obtain them from ? Tons of original controllers available and have to buy an adapter to get them working via usb. I tried playing with an analog stick, but geez...There is a daptor site around that sells adapters for original controllers but wonder the quality.. Can I tag @edmaul69 in this ? He is the original oldschool console guru.

  • @bytethis the 2600-daptor and every other “daptor” that tom makes are really the best adapters out there. I wouldnt recommend anyones adapters over his. His 2600-daptor d9 is the best adapter out there for tons of controllers. For other stuff that tom doesnt do i recommend raphnet-tech.

  • Thanks man. Appreciate the feedback. Would love to play some old school paddle games in Atari. In my research, a lot of people have been using the daptor site for their adapters but hit or miss reviews. I will give them a try.

  • @bytethis i would just go to and buy them directly from him. Go through all his adapters to find what best suits your needs.

  • @bytethis said in USB Atari 2600 paddles.:

    Some sites I have been to have been sold out

    I bought the paddles last year on ebay (when I also bought a real Atari2600 from another reseller).
    They look and work as new. Just make sure the reseller is a reliable one.

    Thinking about buying the 2600-daptor; could arkanoid and tempest be played (even if a paddle is not a spinner) ?
    Edit: according to product description it cannot work as spinner.

  • @udb23 you can use paddle for arkanoid. With that adapter i believe you can use the atari trak-ball for the 2600 for tempest. I also use the 2600 trak-ball on the 2600-daptor ii and 2600-daptor d9 on things like mame. There are also several atari roms that have been modified to use the trak-ball that didnt use it before.

  • @edmaul69 Interesting info, thanks!

  • @edmaul69 Thanks man. I am confident in setting them up, but first time outside of controllers, any helpful hints to get them set up ? Are the paddles with the adapter precise --> which I mean very minimal lag ?

    EDIT : BTW the word Spudger still cracks me up lol. Saw your opening of carts in AtariAge and you mentioned a Spudger. I after that have seen kits for sale with "Spudgers". Neat. Crazy word you never hear !

    @UDb23 Thanks for the advice on reputable sellers. Unfortunately when I ordered my first pi, I got scammed by a seller on Amazon. I was too naive to check the third party's sellers review. All was good after some perseverance on my part. Only was so much space available on the first initial NES classics..haha.

    Thanks for the info guys !

  • @bytethis yeah, spudger is an awesome word! So i havent noticed any lag personally. These adapters are really responsive in my opinion.

  • @edmaul69 Excellent ! B-day coming up (mine ) and my better half lady was asking what I would like..get the CC ready..haha ! Thanks for your wisdom !

  • if anyone is still interested in this, check out these cool devices on they allow you to have up to 4 paddles or joysticks connected to you PC via usb. There is even a bluetooth version.

    Atari paddles and joysticks usb adapter

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