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Neo Geo don't want show up parent roms (solved)

  • I searched the forum, but don't get an definitive answer for this. I am in the process of restructuring and cleaning up my Neo Geo roms folder, where I only want to play AES games and the Home versions of these games. Some of these games have a special home version, known as NGH (Neo Geo Home, and NGM is Neo Geo Multi). The problem is, these versions need the NGM parents, but I don't want them showing up in Neo Geo folder. So, I have kof95h (the NGH version) and the kof95 (parent NGM), but I only want kof95h showing up in the list of Neo Geo games folder.

    What can I do here? Can I just move the parent to bios folder and if yes, where do I save them?

  • I figured out myself (quickly after creating this thread, sorry).

    I changed in the file retroarch.cfg in neogeo config folder the bios path and created a folder "neogeo" under bios folder. This is the line:
    system_directory = "~/RetroPie/BIOS/neogeo"

    Now, I can put there the parents and the too and my Neo Geo console system folder is clean.

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    @thelostsoul If you use lr-fbalpha, then the additional BIOS files can be safely copied in the BIOS folder directly, without the need to modify the retroarch.cfg. By default, the system_directory should point to the BIOS folder.

  • @mitu That was what I tried first, but it didn't work. I am still not sure if the path was correct there before my edit, but anway. I prefer it this way, that Neo Geo related stuff is separated.

  • It quite works as it is intended, but with a but. I moved some games based on bios to fba folder. In that folder the games should work like real Arcade games with coin up and as the MVS version of Neo Geo games. Currently a change in options menu of FBA will change for both, Neo Geo system and FBA Arcade folder. But I want AES setting in Neo Geo based system and the MVS on FBA. Where is the setting for this saved? I don't see it in retroarch.cfg config.

    In the menu of FBA emulator:
    Quick Menu > Options > Force Neo Geo mode (if available) : MVS / AES / Unibios / Dipswitch

    What comes to my mind currently: If there is only a single global setting, I could use separate bios files where only MVS files are inside and AES on the other. Thats way it would be depending on the bios file, would it? I am not sure here, as some roms are supporting both versions.

    Edit: Ok, in one of my older posts I saw what the problem was with this. The file is
    and the line I need to change is
    fba-neogeo-mode = "MVS"
    The problem is, this is global to the fba emulator and not system specific. The Neo Geo system uses same emulator. I can have some settings separated from the FBA folder, but not this one?

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    @thelostsoul said in Neo Geo don't want show up parent roms (solved):

    I can have some settings separated from the FBA folder, but not this one?

    Since this is a core (lr-fbalpha) option, it gets saved to the auto file, so overriding it would not work.

  • @mitu Do you have a solution for this? I really want the AES console mode on Neo Geo and MVS coin up mode on FBA. If I only could identify which files inside bios are the one for mvs and the one for aes.

    EDIT: I created a new thread for this different problem:

  • @thelostsoul you can copy the core options file into the neo geo config folder, then point the neo geo retroarch.cfg to that core options cfg file.

  • @edmaul69 Thank you for the idea. mitu did explain this with a little more depth in the other linked thread.

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