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[SOLVED] Took retropie-mount out too soon, won't complete.

  • I took my 256gb USB stick out before the file transfers were complete. It would not continue, and even after reformatting the USB stick to FAT32 again and creating a retropie-mount folder, it now crashes Retropie whenever I try and boot or restart with the USB stick in, but boots just fine with only the SD card in. Is there a config file for this on the SD card I can edit or wipe that is expecting the original retropie-mount so I can try again?

    I'll try the manual method in the mean time and see if I can fix it that way.

  • @victimrlsh “retropie-mount” folder does not transfer roms to sd card. “retropie” folder does. “retropie-mount” runs them off the usb device.

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    @edmaul69 it transfers ROMs from the sdcard to the empty retropie-mount folder though.

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    @victimrlsh not sure what the problem is sorry. It shouldn't change anything apart from copying existing ROMs to the empty folder. Make sure the retropie-mount folder is completely empty.

    Perhaps there is some issue with the sdcard. What crash are you getting? You are plugging in after the system is booted for the initial copying?

    Please also provide details of set up when asking for support.

  • My overnight copying session fixed the problem. I simply moved everything into the retropie-mount directory myself. The problem was it was expecting something in there and was finding nothing. Apparently retropie keeps track of the actual drive UUID and THAT is what it looks for on a mount.

    Now I have a 256gb game capacity to fill up. :)

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