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[SOLVED] Saving games/states in c64 emulator VICE

  • Hey, i've seen that the defaukt keycombo (select+ shoulder buttons) does not work in vice to save and load games, how i do accomplish that?

    And how about states?

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    @niculinux Which emulator are you talking about ? Save states - using Select + L/R - work in RetroArch based emulators (lr-), standalone emulators might have different (or no) ability to save states.

  • @niculinux VICE isn't a RetroArch emulator so the Select+Shoulder button doesn't apply.

    It is possible to map save and load games. The video below details the process:

    Setting up the save and load feature, or snapshots as it's referred to in VICE, is at the 6:26 mark, though it is worth watching from the 3:00 mark to see how to configure other features such as swap joysticks, add new disk for multi-disk games and quitting VICE.

    The settings for VICE are stored in /opt/retropie/configs/c64/sdl-joymap-C64.vjm. I found it useful to make regular back-ups of this file as it's easy for the file to be overwritten while configuring a controller in VICE.

  • ok thanks, fool me i already known that video but i overlooked the save states parts!!

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