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Microsoft Encarta (Mindmaze) with DOSBox?

  • Specs:

    • CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi3) Model B
    • Retropie v4.4.2
    • 64GB SD Card
    • Mixed build from RetroRama, SupremeBuild, and SNES Classic Mini[Ruckage?] (not sure on exact file names)
    • PC / DOSBox

    I dont know much about DOSbox, so this could be an easy answer of "no", but is there a version of Microsoft Encarta that will work in DOS?

    It would be cool if I could get Mindmaze to work, but the .ISO I have for the '99 version does not mount (unless im doing it wrong). Should I try to find the '95 version?
    There should be a way to mount and install/run right? or can you only run from unpackaged game directories that have a run.exe? I have tried unzipping the .ISO and getting to the setup.exe, but will that even do anything in dos?

    I read that DOSBox pretty much only emulates pre-Win98 programs, which would explain the MSEncarta 99 not working. if so, I think I found a MSEncarta 95 version but that still has the same .ISO/Setup.exe structure. So how would that work any different?
    Or would you have to have Win95 running within DOSBox to do it, similar to running games within Win3.1?

    Maybe I answered my own question or Im way off base, but any help is appreciated.

  • Global Moderator

    DosBox does not emulate Win98, but someone managed to start Win95 on it - I think you need to first have a Windows installation running and then try to install a compatible Encarta version.

    That being said, we don't support 3rd party images - I don't know what a 'SupremeBuild' is, but I guess it's a 3rd party image. Please install the RetroPie provided image from in order to get support in the forums.

  • @spyork i have encarta running in windows 3.1 in dosbox on the pi. I believe it is the “designed for wondows 95” version

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