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[Solved] Genesis-Plus-GX not available for Mega Drive/Genesis

  • I have RetroPie 4.4.2 running on my Pi 3B+
    Everything is pretty default.

    When I boot up a Mega Drive / Genesis game and press the A button for options I cannot choose a different emulator. The only option available is PicoDrive.

    Though I am sure Genesis-Plus-GX is installed on my Pi because I can choose Genesis-Plus-GX for Master System games.

    Any reason I cannot choose Genesis-Plus-GX when playing Mega Drive / Genesis games?

    On the RetroPie wiki page I read:
    lr-genesis-plus-gx is best for the Pi 3/Pi 2 due to its accuracy. lr-picodrive is more suited for use on the Pi 0/Pi 1 due to its speed. DGen has the worst performance and can be tedious to configure the controls for.

    There for I would like to use Genesis-Plus-GX instead of PicoDrive.

  • Global Moderator

    @panja Have you tried to re-install the emulator ?

  • @mitu
    Life saver!

    I did a RetroPie update through install script (to update all packages).
    That fixed my problem.

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