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Setting up IPAC 2 for the first time

  • Hey all, question regarding the setup of an IPAC2 for the first time on a fresh Retropie install.

    When setting up a new Retropie install, do you do the initial controller configuration setup with a regular keyboard, mapping out all the inputs to your specific IPAC wiring, and then plug in the IPAC?

    I have changed the factory-default keys on the IPAC, and understand how to edit the config files for retroarch & different emulators, but wanted to know if using a regular keyboard to start was the best/easiest approach.

    Also, is there any specific firmware version that is better than another for using an IPAC 2 with Retropie?


  • Don't use the keyboard, just use the controller. That's what I did and other than the hinky way it all maps out, it works. The thing to remember is that when you get to a mapping for a button you do not have, hit an already mapped button twice to skip it.

  • The best thing I ever did was update my ipac firmware to a gamepad enabled firmware. With the gamepad enabled firmware you set the wiring to gamepad buttons instead of keyboard keys, and it works much, much better that way in Retropie.

  • @bhazard those are the firmware's that start with a .3X correct? I am currently on 1.44

  • I have an Ipac2 in my custom 2 player control panel; it's configured (by default) as a keyboard. Works great and no need to reconfigure any button.
    @caver01's infos in this thread were really helpful for my setup.

  • @kombat Yes. I flashed to 1.39. You can still use it as a keyboard if desired, but the option to change the buttons to gamepad buttons is now available.

    Emulationstation also sees my mini-ipac as two"Ultimarc Mini-Ipac"s now instead of "keyboard"

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