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Solved - LR-Atari 800: Loud annoying noise

  • Hi! When I started my atari 800 emulator recently (running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ on Retro Pie 4.4 / Raspbian Stretch), I had a unexpected surprise. Instead of the regular game sound, which is still there but very quiet, I hear a loud constant tone. The tone reminds me of an analogue sawtooth.

    This happens for all the games, I tried different bios, I tried updating, I tried restarting -- nothing helped. The games work fine, the "regular sound" can be heard very quietly, but always, theres that loud, annoying sawtooth sound on top.

    This only happens for the Atari 800 emulator, the sound of all the others is fine.

    Please help. Thanks!

  • Solved by Setting HDMI Output to "Auto". Don't know, why this setting changed, might have happened during an update.

  • @annomatik

    Where does it chance ?

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