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Hotkeys working on every emulator except one

  • Hi there, never had a problem with my retropie until now. I have the newest 4.4 version running on either pi3b or b+, couldn't find the receipt to make sure...

    Always until now the hotkeys have worked as per default (select+triangle/x to bring up retroarch depending on whether I'm using my retro SNES controller or xbox360 controller), but after the latest update it seems the NES emulator - LR-FCEUMM, is the only one that doesn't respect hotkeys for some reason. PS1 games and SNES games work as usual.

    Might anyone have a clue where can you find some settings that could help with this? I've been looking through the configuration editor but I haven't found anything regarding hotkeys, and I can't bring up Retroarch while playing a NES game since none of the hotkeys work.


    edit: the NES games control just fine, only the hotkeys don't work. Can't even change the controls since I can't bring up the retroarch menu, so yea. This is why I couldn't find any similar problems via google, for most the hotkeys seems to work fine for everything or not at all.

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    What are the contents of your /opt/retropie/configs/nes/retroarch.cfg file?

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