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  • I have a great Pi 3 build which runs great, it has video previews in the menus etc and all is very snappy. I have just tried my first zero build and although performance in game is as expected it seems really laggy in the menus, particularly when scrolling through my game lists, in fact it can be a number of seconds before the highlighted game changes. I have removed the video previews as I was guessing that was using a lot of power and it seems I was right as it is certainly much more responsive, but it is still pretty laggy and button presses don't always register.

    I have overclocked it to 1ghz, again, that helped, m particularly with the boot up times, but is there anything I should be doing or is it just a case that the zero is too slow, although it seems to run the games I want ok, it is just in emulation station that I really notice it...

  • @chubsta You may use a less memory intensive Theme
    IO theme or GBZ are good ones.

  • @cyperghost thanks, I’ll give it a go, as far as I can tell there should be no reason for it to lag on the game selection screens, I don’t have any music or video running etc, so perhaps your idea will work as it is the last thing I haven’t tried

  • @chubsta It's definitely the images causing an issue, especially if you have a lot of games. All of my Pi Zeros have this issue and I no longer use the videos. If you try another theme or change the UI theme settings to BASIC (I believe) you should see it become very responsive. The Zero is a minimalist board when it comes to resources but it functions extremely well for all of the systems I run on it.

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