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lr-scummvm: request for comments and testing

  • @hhromic also, scummvm_speed_hack = "enabled" as expected.

  • @hhromic I decided to try the alternate audio files that are on the CD1. They are smaller, less quality, but I thought they might have less trouble decoding or something. Anywya, it did not matter.

    I noticed that most of the time, the audio crackle happens during the video playback. If you know Riven, and Myst for that matter, it is mostly static renderings with sections of video overlay to animate valves turning. Or water bubbling etc. including dramatic animations that take ove the whole screen. Theses crackle a lot because they are always accompanied by the great sound effects.

    I mention this thinking perhaps the issue is embedded video playback performance. Just a thought.

  • @hhromic said in lr-scummvm: request for comments and testing:


    I have been testing different games on my rasp 3b in the lr-scummvm emulator. The overlay looks great, the games load great after following all the instructions in this thread. I was also able to overcome a mouse-click freeze issue with overlay enabled by following instructions in another thread to recompile retroarch with some patches. Now, I am running into some games requiring text entry. With libretro the keyboard functionality is disabled during game play because of the remaps. Besides needing to type in some games - lsl6 for example - there is the problem with trying to name a saved game in the scummvm gui. Have any of you figured out a workaround for this? I have tried hotkey bindings - one thread suggested using the game focus toggle (didn't work), I also tried the hotkey for on-screen keyboard toggle (also didn't work).

  • @holto keyboard input is a bit tricky for this core unfortunately, however there are some workarounds.

    Refer to the Joypad documentation of lr-scummvm:

    You will see that some buttons are mapped to special keyboard keys. For example X is mapped to ESC, L1 is mapped to Enter, R1 is mapped to Numpad 5, and so on. Furthemore, you will notice that the Right Analog Stick is mapped to a Virtual Numpad.

    In the same documentation, you will find these notes, including text in save dialogs:

    * Skips cutscenes.
    * Opens/closes menus in some games.
    Virtual Numpad + Numpad 5 + Numpad 0:
    * Enables control during fight sequences in the 'Indiana Jones' series of games.
    * Enables bypass of Monkey Island 2 copy protection.
    * Enables saving in games that require text entry when naming a save slot.
    * Enables menu navigation in some games (Numpad 8 == up, Numpad 2 == down).
    Enter + Backspace:
    * Enables saving in games that require text entry when naming a save slot.
    * 'Enter' may be used to attack in 'Full Throttle' fight sequences.
    * 'Enter' enables menu item selection in some games.
    . (period): Skips lines of dialogue in SCUMM engine games.
    * Shows in-game menu in some games.
    * Enables saving in some games.
    F10: Shows hotspots in Simon the Sorcerer 1 + 2.

    So, for example, if you need to save a game that requires text entry for the name, it should work by just pressing Enter which is L1 in the gamepad mapping. You may input numbers as the name using the Virtual Numpad, or delete mistakes using Backspace which is mapped to L2.

    I haven't test this myself in a while so can't guarantee precision on this information, but you should be able to achieve what you need with these directions. If you can confirm further for the rest of the users in this topic, that would be very great !

  • @hhromic Is there a way to update lr-scummvm to 2.1.0? I want to play Duckman and it only works on the standalone scummvm when I pointed the script to the masterbranch but the libretro script is already on master...

  • @Darksavior not at the moment :( The libretro port was done quite dirty (and not by me) and updating the underlying ScummVM version probably needs careful rebasing and some refactoring.
    It is not impossible but is not just changing a branch name, it requires programming effort.

  • @hhromic I just wanted to say thank you for the nice write up, got lr-scummvm installed to my GPi Case and working great. Seems to run The Secret of Monkey Island better than the stand alone ScummVM on my pi zero W.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Just like to contribute that lr-Scummvm works great on Odroid XU4 with TheRA image. As of now, its running scummvm 2.1 and Ive been able to get pretty much all my scumm games working including Duckman and Bladerunner. Biggest problem i had was skraping images for games with XML skraper. while Using Shortname.svm for folder name and shortname.svm file in folder it caused issue where Emulation station wouldnt load. Something it didnt like with folder sharing name as filename inside it. Had to delete my scummvm gameslist to try again. I got it to work proper by removing the .svm from folder names and pulled all the files shortname.svm into the main scummvm folder. After Skraping, put all the .svm files back in their proper folders and renamed all the folders with .SVM extension and reboot. Looks great now. Only Duckman has no scrape as it currently doesnt exist on

  • Anyone know if its possible to bind keyboard arrow keys to the d-pad? I can only think of a couple games that would benefit from this, but would be curious if it's possible. The list of possible inputs in Retroarch's menu don't include these sadly. This port otherwise works great on my Pi3B with an SN-30 Pro, thanks for the hard work on this!

  • Hello everyone. I was wondering what is the current state of lr-scummvm in Retropie.

    Yesterday I downloaded the last weekly snapshop (so technically not a supported version) in order to upgrade my system, but I can't figure out how to configure lr-scummvm.

    I installed it from source in the experimental section of retropie-setup, and it took a while to compile. Then, following instructions from this thread, I appended .svm to the folder name of a game, and created a 'shortname'.svm file inside.

    However, when I launch the game in Retropie, nothing happens. The log file does not provide much information either (just this line: Executing: /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-scummvm/ "/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/scummvm/Broken Sword 1.svm" --appendconfig /dev/shm/retroarch.cfg). Running that command from the command line does not return any errors either.

    I tried the follow this thread, but there is so much information that I might have missed something.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • @xwons hi, I'm the author of the scriptmodule for this emulator.
    First, I apologise because I admit I haven't have time to properly document the process in the official Wiki. I promise I will do as soon as possible.

    The steps to get a game working should be:

    1. Create a folder in $romdir/scummvm with .svm in the name (you did this, CHECK)
    2. Create a shortname.svm file inside the created folder (you did this, CHECK)
    3. Put the string shortname inside the created shortname.svm file (verify this!)
    4. Put all the game files inside the created folder, at the same level as the shortname.svm file (verify this!)

    In summary, the correct structure should be:

    roms/scummvm/mygame.svm/                # directory with ".svm"
    roms/scummvm/mygame.svm/mygame.svm      # the string "mygame" should be inside this file

    Then the game, if supported, should work. To get better logging, make sure you start the emulator with verbose logging activated. This is done by pressing any button when the "Loading" dialog shows.

    If the game still doesn't work, please post the output of the verbose logging and I can try to help you better from there.

  • @hhromic Thank you very much! I forgot to write the shortname inside the shortname.svm file. Now it works!

  • @xwons great to hear! enjoy your game!

    And sorry again for the lack of official documentation :(

  • Don't worry, and thanks for all the work!

  • Hello

    I have retropie 4.5.1, running on a pi 3. I do have a clarification question re folder and .svm naming please. Using scummvm (not the Lr version) I used the built in GUI to mass add, and it created a number of .svm files in the root of the roms/scrummvm/ folder as expected. Full throttle and other games work, when called from the ES menu and gamelist.xml.

    I've got an .svm file meeting the spec above in each folder. ie, ft.svm for full throttle.

    However loading the same game using lr-scummvm, the game just exits back to the ES menu.

    I'm wondering if I have misintepreted the folder naming. Should the game folder name match the scummvm shortname i.e. roms/scrummvm/ft.svm, or, roms/scummvm/Full-Throttle(English Version).svm

    which is correct?

    ..and could someone confirm if my same gamelist.xml will work for both scummvm AND lr-scummvm?

    thanks for any help! TIA

  • @iainjh hi ! see some clarifications below.

    1. The directory of the game does not need to have the short name and in fact does not strictly need to have the .svm extension either. Adding the .svm extension is only required for EmulationStation to launch the game directly by selecting the game folder and not having to go inside it and select the shortname.svm file.
    2. The shortname.svm file inside the game directory with shortname inside the file is required for the lr-scummvm core to recognise the game.
    3. When you use the standalone scummvm (not the lr- core), the .svm files get created in $romdir/scummvm, not inside each game directory. Unfortunately these do not work for the lr- core and you will have to create them inside each game directory in addition to the ones outside.
    4. Having both emulators at the same time means you will have duplicate entries in EmulationStation, one for the top-level .svm files for standalone scummvm and another for the game directory containing the .svm file inside for the lr-scummvm core.
    5. Right now there is no way (afaik) to have an unified system for both (but read below).

    There is a very recent PR for lr-scummvm that will add support for autodetecting the game according to the gamefiles inside the game directory. This will make adding the shortname.svm file inside each game directory obsolete (point 2 above).

    When that PR is merged I will be working on integrating that functionality and will revisit an approach to have both emulators (standalone and lr- core) to co-exist with the same game directories. For now, just be patient :)

  • thank you!

    I'll now have a play at resolving my setup issue, thanks for the explanation and pointers for the future

    thanks again :)


  • Thanks for lr-scummvm! It works almost perfect on my Raspberry Pi3B+ based table top arcade cabinet. (so no keyboard, just joystick and buttons).
    I'm running version 2.1 on Retropie 4.5 and have a few questions/feature requests.

    Is it possible to remove the quit and return to launcher options from the lr-scummvm menu?
    My kids are also using lr-scummvm and I don't want them to enter the scumm-vm launcher or the retroarch options.
    I start the games from the retropie menu (works really great with the .svm files) and I want my kids to quit the game by simply pressing my hotkey button combination to return to retropie.
    So it would be great if I could remove the quit and return to launcher option from the menu, or change the behaviour of those two options to return directly to retopie.
    I don't want to remove the scmummvm menu completely, because I need the menu to load and save progress of the games.
    Even better would be if those two options would be removed when choosing the retropie Kiosk Mode.

    I also noticed a few performance issues.

    • Freddi Fish 5: Sound is stuttering and slow. Is this caused by the color depth?
    • Kings Quest 7: Same issue. Stuttering sound and slow. Also caused by color depth?

    Is there a way to improve performance on those games? I already did the speed hack option.



  • Thanks for lr-scummvm, it works almost perfectly for me and made my life so much easier over using scummvm (no lr-).

    I do have an issue, which I described in the following post and was hoping for help:

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