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Gameboy Zero HDMI-TFT problem

  • Hello Guys ,

    I have already finished my Raspberry Zero (Gameboy Project with Retropie). I just want to add a kind of switch ... so i can use HDMI TV and TFT screen. Ok some changes inconfig.txtand it was done but my main problem now:

    I had to rotate my TFT screen about 180° to build it in properly, my problem is now that in config.txt i have to use :


    so my TFT Screen shows on boot correctly, now putting in my HDMi-cable it shows obviously the 180° rotated framebuffer.

    i can't use display_lcd_rotate because i dont use GPIO as i said and i also can not add display_hdmi_rotate=0 because it just overwrites display_rotate=2 ... so now my TFT is shifted wrong but the TV correctly ...such a dumb fail but thats how it is.

    I just read about copying the config.txt, change one of them for HDMi and one for TFT and select over a small script the correct one for the current boot option, but i dont know how to set this up. Ty guys, hope u can help me!

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