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Android controller for RetroPi?

  • I just picked up a controller for my Android phone, a Mad Giga X100.
    Is there any chance this would work on my Rpi2-B with Retropie/Emulation Station? Is there some way I could verify?

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    @tinpanalley You could pair the controller via Bluetooth and see if you can configure the controller in Emulationstation. Since the page you referenced said something about PC, maybe it has a 'mode switch' for the controller to start in a PC compatible protocol - try using that mode when you connect it to your Pi.

  • @mitu Hmm. I think it might be hard to return if I open to do that test. I just wanted something I could use with Android games and then realised it would be cool if it could be my Emulation Station controller as well. I didn't look closely enough to see if this would work well when I first bought it a couple of days ago and now I'm not sure.

  • I've been using the 8bitdo SF30Pro and SN30Pro on Raspberry Pi in Android mode with no problems, so I guess if that works, the Mad Giga X100 should too?

    I don't know about the Giga but the 8bitdos remember only 1 device per mode. So if you would like to switch your gamepad between your phone and Pi in Bluetooth you would have to repair it every time you switch your device.

  • @cebix That's not a huge pain. Just saw a guy on

    using it on a RetroPie setup and it was working. He just had to set it to "PS3" controller.

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