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  • Hi everyone, I'll try to be short.

    Raspberry Pi3 B, micro sd Samsung 128 GB, Power Supply 5V 3A, Video/Audio HDMI, Controller Commercial xbox360 (e.s. recognize them as 360 controller), official image 4.4, all mounted on a Nespi Case, software used SD Formatter and Win32DiscImager.
    Everything has been well configured, I've done the same passages I did to configure the one on my cabinet that's working great from several weeks. Even on this consolle I'm trying to build up seems to works everything fine. What's the matter? After 2/3 days, not always the same time the game titles on the screensaver don't appear anymore and I can't save the games file, the sd card seems to be full, but it's not, I'm sure. If I check for that with df -h it tells me 119 GB capacity - 114 GB used - 0 free. Same games, same system, same everything that are in the cabinet. Treid to change the controllerS, the Nespi Case, the SD card (two times) and the Power Supply, made a fresh installation, I've tried everything. Nothing, always the same problem.

    Have you got any suggestion, please? I'm going crazy!

    Thank you.

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    @shadyaw said in AMAZING SD ISSUE:

    If I check for that with df -h it tells me 119 GB capacity - 114 GB used - 0 free

    Looks like a full SD card to me.
    There was an issue reported with the the Nespi cased where - because of the faulty USB connectors - the system log is flooded with messages, basically filling up the SD card.
    Here is the topic, linked to an official Raspbian kernel report here.
    See if you get the same USB messages and - if so - try updating the system to the latest kernel version to see if it's fixed.

  • Wow, thanks for your very fast reply, I've read the topic, I'm gonna try what happen without the nespi case, with the naked raspberry. If the problem doesn't occurr I'll simply change the case. By now, thanks for you reply.

  • Thank you very much, your suggestion was right. Without the nespi case everything works fine. Thank you so much. Now I have to solve another problem that I don't have in my cabinet. Don't know why the controllers swap themselves after some reboot. I don't touch anything, simply turn off, turn on and magically pad 1 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 1..... howhever, don't wanna go out of post, I'll post it in another one. Thank you again.

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