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[mame2003/-plus] Removing individual per-game bindings via Tab menu

  • This is a continuation of a discussion in the official mame2003-plus thread.

    Summary: In newer MAME versions (e.g. 0.185), you can set any binding zu none by either pressing Del on the binding's line in MAME's Tab menu (without pressing Enter beforehand) or by pressing Enter to change the binding, but exit the change with a single Esc.

    In mame2003 and mame2003-plus, delete does not set a binding to none, and Esc after Enter will set the binding to Esc. Only in Input (general) a double Esc after Enter sets the binding to none, but in Input (this game) the binding is set to whatever it is set in general.

    A way to remove a single binding in both general and this game would be nice.

    @grant2258 Alas, updating to the current version (@ 2018-11-04 12:00 CET) and setting the Input Mode to mame didn't change anything in this regard.

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    Ok this is fine its not a new issue related to the input changes this can be looked at ill post a link here on github so mark can see this. These are better in github issues rather than here.

    The problem for the other thread is this was not related to the ipac changes its not something new

  • @grant2258 Okay, thanks.

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    can you give me a real life scenario when this would be needed

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    there is one problem with what you said above input general does set to none. Im just struggling to see a scenario where this is needed. Considering you just can set the key to something else. If the defaults are wrong they should indeed be none. which can be changed.

    I never use the keyboard in mame so excuse my perhaps ignorance of a situation when this would be required.

    I am curious if current mame sets this game to none how do you set the default back. Once I understand this reason i could perhaps do something about it

    ps sorry about the edits would rather get this in one post

  • @grant2258 said in [mame2003/-plus] Removing individual per-game bindings via Tab menu:

    can you give me a real life scenario when this would be needed

    Any time I don't want a binding in a particular game, but keep it in all others. For example, games with special dual-stick controls like Battle Zone, Assault, and Vindicators require extensive re-bindings. Besides, it is the behaviour in modern MAME versions, so the MAME developers seem to see the need of it, too.

    That said, I think your issue doesn't reflect our request correctly (no offense, just noting). It doesn't have to be the UI Cancel key, it would just equal modern MAME that way = more consistency. But at least for me (and I think for @Riverstorm, too) Del without Enter beforehand would be fine – also in conformity to modern MAME.

    But even if you change the UI Cancel key to the modern behaviour, you could still leave the double Esc to reset the binding to default, like it already is now. So, no loss there. (Alas, I don't know how how modern MAME handles restoration to default.)

    The defaults are fine as they are and shouldn't be needed to be changed to adjusted for single games. That's what the this game settings are for.

    Thanks for taking your time with our request, although we struggle to understand each others preferences. But what isn't understood can be explained, so no problem on my side.

    (I am also struggling to keep up with your post edits while I'm writing mine. But you seem to have stopped, so I'll send now. 😊 )

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    the update was for ipac users this is a completly new issue that @Riverstorm brought up. Joystick rightup ect isint set to anything in normal mame it is for us

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    im check latest mame and see whats going on and get back to you

  • @grant2258 Again, thanks. I'm off to the gym now anyway.

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    this point is still moot you can change to anything you like. Mame current infact does set it to none but I dont see how you get the defaults back in mame current. I still need a reason in real life for none to be set still haven't got that part yet. All i have see is mame current does it

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  • I do agree with @Clyde on how he is explaining it perfectly. I can't add much to it because It's written well already. It seems your focus/questions change and it's hard to follow the discussion. Maybe a bit of run around.

    To try and simplify. He gave a good use scenario. My thought is why not implement the "new" or "existing" feature if it's a reasonable code change but if you feel it's not, that's ok too. Nothing we can do there as end users.

    You keep referring to an iPAC but alas I keep telling you any emulated keyboard device, input encoders, like an iPAC, Xin-mo, etc. Even a regular keyboard qualifies. All these devices emulate keyboards, this is not an iPAC-centric/exclusice change. To be honest I'm not sure what your iPAC fix is supposed to address even.

    People with other devices are going to skip what you write because of the title and think it's non-applicable for their device. Your fix title needs to cover a broader scope of devices. Anyway call it what you will but things like this that drag out for weeks for a simple change and I get lost in circular conversation.

    I am fine with how it was. Focus mode works well but you keep throwing iPAC fixes in my lap or things not asked. It feels a bit the same here with @Clyde. It is @hhromic that would like the old way. I was just trying to help him on Friday. Anyway I am used to these type of discussions with you so I'm not sure what else I could add to help clarify what he already has done very well.

    I like @Clydes suggestion to leave esc/esc in place but add functionality similar to current MAME to set fields to NONE. You said you don't use it much or at all so you might need to trust folks that do use it regularly. If you're testing scenarios and different configurations, setting a field to nul or none seems fairly reasonable option feature yes? If it's good enough for current MAME, it's good enough for me!

    I guess how you wish to proceed is up to you, as you have implemented all of these recent changes yourself so thanks for those.

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    @Riverstorm the code change is simple enough ive already done it and tested it. I just cant find a case scenario for setting this to none in real life. All I can so is add it as a core option for people that want the default binds to come back in this case scenario

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    the only pull request did change the ipac keyboard setting to retropad only you changed the topic to the tab menu not me

  • Current MAME behavior is double delete sets a field to NONE or pressing Enter and ESC once toggles between NONE and default. If it's set to default it will change to NONE or if it's set to NONE it will change to default.

    Debating the validity of such a feature seems a mute point as we all have different needs/wants and there's more than one way to accomplish goals. It's great to have options. If that functionality behavior is simple to code I think it it's reasonable. It's up to you.

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    well ask mark and arcadez ifi had a real life case scenario i would just do it right now i just need one example that its needed beyond mame current does it.

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    there is a github issue make the case there it isint my choice to make alone @Riverstorm

  • @Riverstorm said in [mame2003/-plus] Removing individual per-game bindings via Tab menu:

    It is @hhromic that would like the old way. I was just trying to help him on Friday.

    Thanks for the help the other day, indeed I could map my keys using the internal TAB menu with your instructions/explanations and was very useful.

    I want to make clear that indeed my problem was the reception of double-input because the core was listening to both, RA and raw keyboard at the same time and I didn't know how to remap internally. The new solution from @grant2258 seems to bring back the input_interface option that allows to choose which input system you want (retroarch or mame), hence no crippling of advanced users of the internal TAB menu.

    For me, using RA's input system is sufficient and easier to remap, hence having this choice of input system is good. More advanced users do not need to use RA if they don't want and can still use the more advanced internal keyboard input system.

  • @hhromic - sorry, that was not meant to put you on the spot at all. I'm glad you were able to find a workaround. I guess I don't see any point further pursuing as an optional feature. Grant thanks for taking a look.

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