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Allow both controllers to call up the RGUI menu?

  • I've got two controllers (a Logitech F710 and a RetroFlag controller) and both have their buttons mapped so that they can open the RGUI menu.

    For the F710, it's by pressing the Logitech button. For the RetroFlag controller (which doesn't have a dedicated button), it's Select+Start.

    (All other hotkeys have been disabled, because I cannot easily remember them)

    Both configurations work great when only one controller is plugged in. When both of them are plugged in, only the RetroFlag Select+Start works. The Logitech button does nothing.

    Is there any way I can configure it so that both controllers can call up the RGUI menu?

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    not possible, i’m afraid. this is a long standing bug:

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    If it's really important to you, this could be achieved using an external key-mapping solution. If you were to map, let's say the 'Z+X' keys to invoke the RGUI, this combo could then be applied to both controllers. Your F710 could be mapped to produce that combo when the Logitech button is pressed and the RetroFlag could be mapped to produce that combo when 'Start+Select' is pressed. The caveat is that external key-mapping can be a bit daunting at first. I've put together a guide here for xboxdrv, but in theory you could use most any other key-mapper for this as well.

  • Ahhh shoot. Thanks both.

    Out of interest, is there any way to set the Logitech as the 'primary' controller - so that when I plug in the RetroFlag one the Logitech continues to be the one that can access the RGUI menu?

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