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  • @svera Ok, will do.... step by step as my setup got configured/populated and I may have the desire for one ;)

    At the moment my doings for overlays and populating my DIY-Cade Project got a little drawback: Because and just out of curiousity how the source XY of a given rom and its targeted DAR would fit a targeted max resolution, I've wrestled with my python-fu (barely existend) and UIs in Python (no former experience, always worked with it in a CLI only or (IDE based) Matlab Style of usecase before) and so, as the result of a long story, left to be untold here, this here came to be:
    At least for me it has a working stage that will do, everything else I would expect that baby to do (or free it from further bugs I may encounter whilst using it) may remain in a >>will never be done, unless i really have the need (or spare time) for it<< state...

    In the meantime, here is my overlay for burgertime (as the repo already has the primary rom title, I opted for the filenames to be a clone thereof: btimem)
    [Don't want to start a alternate versions war here (IMHO-it is not a competition, but collaborated work), but that was one overlay where I wanted to have another (and more simple) variant for on my setup]...

  • And three more...

    I am inclined to remove the "berries'n'bell" accessoires and to go with apes'n'apples+roos alone... but as i haven't decided yet, the early version is presented here ;)


    and ... vanguard:

  • @Ashpool Wow, great work output. It shames me insofar that I didn't do any more overlays since May. I certainly plan to do so in the dark half of the year, although Minecraft has caught me in its grip once again at the moment. đŸ˜” đŸ˜‡

  • @Ashpool lovely, bezels merged. Don't stop! đŸ˜‰

  • Added Cosmo Gang overlay to the repo.

  • @svera brilliant, haven't known about that one... and i really enjoy/adore that gorf/phoenix/galaxian/etc. kind of gameplay ;)

    In addition, i worked on a childhood memories I wanted to have done, before going on with the general configuration and specific system/game settings for my "DIY Arcade" (Ok, there are still a few games left, I may do inbetween):

    :Karate Champ:

    Just going with the original Bezel, would have been nice and easy, but I wanted to have the "RTFM" for the Joysticks on Screen... and so, to get a somewhat symmetric overlay, I also includes the general instructions. ... Though I downsized the critical elements for the 1600x1200 and 1024x768 overlays from "source" (and not Source->1600->1024), I fear that the instructions for the moves ain't readable in the 1024 Variant :/

    P.S.: Seeing the Moiré pattern in the screenshot - well, there is some config work to be done ;^>

  • Added Arkanoid 2 bezel to the repo.
    @Ashpool regarding your moiré pattern problem, have you tried zfast vertical shader? I haven't had any moiré issues with that shader.

  • @svera Thanks! For fast access & screenshots(most of the times) I was using the first crt-shader from the presets, the zfast ones (so far) eliminated the moirĂ© :up:

    And though I wanted to have another set of bezels to upload, thanks to circumstances and the "I am not a beer"-Virus at hand, and whatsnotandsoforth, etc. ... I am at the moment bussy in setting up a PC with an (formerly win7 offline gaming)/(now to be added)ubuntu(20LTS) dual-boot for my daugther to be prepared for "home-schooling" times (and I bet that they will come!)... whence I am done with that, I may be able to supply further overlays ;)

  • @Ashpool I can also recommend the zfast shaders for their speed. They seem to be significantly faster than the crt-pi-* ones.

  • Added Bagman (From Sideart/Marque - the real Arcade Bezel was just a black/blank overlay)


    After I've spend some time on Popeye, just to realize later that it is a 4:3 game... sigh... (and that where I am now parsing/merging Catlist&Mame.xml infos for my little python app, and should have known better if I would actually use it, instead of just scripting it&its companions).... so here is my 1600x1200 bezel for popeye... I'll be keeping that in my archives, because it may be a good base to get a 1080/16:9 overlay alternative for the present ones :/ (still wasted hours :p) :

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