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Current OC possibilities (Flirc Gen 2 & 3 B+)

  • Hello everyone,

    I just orderd a Flirc Gen 2 case for my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and was wondering how far the limit is that I could push it with the new case currently.
    I'm asking since I have not that much knowledge in OC and don't know what a good balance is for emulation.
    I hope anyone could help me out!

    Edit: I have the normal official power supply

    Wanted to ask this after seeing Overclocking discussion

  • Here's mine, a Pi 3 B+ inside a NESPi Case, 2x copper heatsinks and a fan, official PSU.


    This is the most stable for emulators, for me. I could push the Pi a little more by upping the over_voltages, but I'm happy with these.

  • First off, thanks for the answer but I'm wondering if it will be enough for Quake 3 as well?

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    @Cederick If you want to play Quake3, I don't think you'll need an overclock for the 3B+. Try it without any overclock and see how it works.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Cederick I've got a stock 3B with a Flirc 2 case. Quake 3 works fine on stock.

    I tried to overclock the 3B using the Flirc case when I first got it about a year ago. The Flirc case isn't really that fantastic for overclocking purposes; it's main benefit is that it is as good as silent (which was what I was looking for). Very happy with the case.

  • @Cederick It is very much going to depend on the silicone lottery. I've got a 3B+ in a Flirc case easily overclocked to 1500 on ARM and 500 or more on GPU and RAM. I don't recall my over voltages, but they weren't particularly high.

    With the 3B+ and a halfway decent case you are probably more likely to hit crashes and instability before you hit thermal limits.

  • @Beldar said in Current OC possibilities (Flirc Gen 2 & 3 B+):

    It is very much going to depend on the silicone lottery

    Exactly, i have a well cooled rpi3b+, it won't go above 50°, however i'm having stability issues as soon as i hit a 1475 overclocking.

  • Forgot to ask about the best memory distribution? Since I remembered that you can change it via startx pretty easily.

    Also thanks for the help so far!

    Using Kodi 18 Beta 4 as well now and I like it alot.

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