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Launch Menu Artwork not working

  • I have retropie set up with all the individual game artwork which is picked up by the different emulation station station themes. So the different themes display, box art or videos etc. all perfectly. So I think that the artwork is in the right place and has the right xml file details pointing to it. I have tried 4 or 5 themes are they all work great.


    Launch Menu Art: If enabled, any scraped box art you have for a game will show up as a splashscreen while your game loads up.

    This sounds really good. So I switched it on. But I don't get the artwork displayed. Just a black screen.

    Any idea how to get this to work? Where does the artwork need to be to be picked up as a splashscreen?

  • Global Moderator

    See this recent topic for the location where Runcommand expects the boxart to be located, in order to display it as splash screen.

  • @mitu

    Thanks for that. It worked perfectly. It is actually great news that the boxart splash screen is a separate location and separate file. It means I can create a specific "help" splash screen with the boxart and button mappings so that when I start a game it reminds me how to play the game.

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