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  • When in the command line cd /opt/retropie/configs/all there is no run
    So I used nano to make my own, but I do not think that it is recognized as it did not change color to green (executable or recognized data file), and no matter what kind of script I put in my run nothing happened
    I'm trying to add custom launch video to my games
    Any tips?
    Just updated all installed packages and RetroPie set up

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    The onstart script does not exist by default, so it's ok you created it. It's also not mandatory to be executable, since runcommand uses bash <path_to_script> to execute it. Most likely there's an error in the script and the command fails. As suggested by the docs, look in the runcommand log file to spot any errors.

  • @mitu Thanks! I was about ready to download a fresh image just to see if onstart would be there

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