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Mega Drive/Genesis Splashscreens

  • I really like the simple SNES Controller splash screen from dalecoop (this one: ) so using it as a template I've made some alternative Mega Drive / Genesis versions.

    The Mega Drive was much more popular here in the UK when I was growing up (at least it was with my group of friends) and with the recently release RetroFlag MegaPi case I thought these screens may complement it nicely to build my ultimate choldhood throwback!

    Three versions available. All black and white, no splashes of colour (I just couldn't get the bit of red from the Japanese Mega Drive to look right):

    Controller with Retropie written in the "16-BIT" font from the Mega Drive case

    Controller with Retropie written in the EU/PAL Mega Drive font

    Controller with Retropie written in the USA Genesis font

    Hope you like them!

  • Do you have higher resolution versions posted somewhere? 720 or 1080 16:9 ratio?

    Thanks in advance, I like the simplicity.

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