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PS3 controller wireless support

  • I have an Rpi 3 (not plus).

    I went through the driver installation of the PS3 controller. I tried holding the PS3 button for 10 seconds while plugged in so it syncs to that, I also tried that while unplugged. I go to the set up screen to put in a new input and I unplug the controller and the lights on my controller flash like it is looking for bluetooth but it doesn't find anything.

    I just installed the raspberry pi software last week and I assume bluetooth is turned on by default.

    What is frustrating is before I messed up my distro and had to reinstall I did have the PS3 controller working wirelessly, I don't know what I am doing wrong.

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    Please add the info requested in to your post. Did you install the PS3 driver from the RetroPie-Setup menu or the customhidonly driver ? Are you using a genuine PS3 controller or a clone ?

  • I just followed this guide.

    Here are the steps I did (copied from the guide)
    Navigate to the "RetroPie" icon in the Home Screen and select it using whatever key you mapped "A" to on your gamepad, and go to RetroPie Setup
    Once in the RetroPie GUI, choose [Manage packages] > [driver].
    Select PS3 Controller Driver ("ps3controller"), and then select [Install from source].
    Once installation completes, exit RetroPie setup and return to the EmulationStation Home Screen.
    Press "Start" to enter the EmulationStation Menu, and select Configure Input.
    Disconnect your PS3 controller from USB. Now hold the PS button on the controller down until you see the lights on it flash sequentially. The controller should now be connected via Bluetooth.
    Emulation Station should now detect another gamepad connected. Hold any button down on the controller to begin configuring it.

    The part that is bolded is the part that is not working. My remote was plugged in for an hour so I know it has charge. It just flashes but doesn't actually connect at all.

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