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Harvest Moon BTN Undo Cheat?

  • Hi all, I looked around for an answer but I couldn't find one.
    I've been playing harvest moon back to nature and after losing my initial save (forced to use save states, game crashes using diary save) I enabled cheats to boost me back to where I was (only used max tools and henhouse/barn as they were the only ones closest to my progress level)

    After several attempts to make them work because some of them do not match the name I carried on as normal. Numerous days and saves later I realise another cheat had been enabled and I never realised, I really want to undo it but can't find out how, I have no other saves to revert to.

    I have tried deleting the cheat, restarting and undoing save/load states, nothing works. Please help, I don't want to have to redo all my progress again

    I'm using PCSX Rearmed and the cheat I want to disable is the all utensils cheat by the looks of it. (I'm still in the default house size and they are all placed in the blsck areas around the borders of the house it looks super weird and I won't be able to buy them using the telly shopping. Was looking forward to that!)

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