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Scummvm built from Source for PS3 controller has slow mouse speed compared to standard binary

  • @hhromic So i installed the LR-Scrumm version. I copied over a sample game (Maniac Mansion). Named the directory Maniac Mansion.svm. Put inside the folder an svm file named maniac-v2-amiga.svm with one line "maniac-v2-amiga". It shows up in the emulation station menu and when trying to launch it (and setting lr-scummvm as the selected emulator for this instance) nothing happens and i just get returned to emulationstation. Am i missing something?

  • @Freakadude maniac-v2-amiga doesn't seem to be a valid gameid, perhaps you mean just maniac?
    The gameids must be in the ScummVM compatibility list:

  • @hhromic Well i have multiple versions and there was this type of differentiation in the normal scummvm emulator under retropie so i assumed this would be the case here as well. Anyway i renamed the svm file inside the folder to "maniac.svm" and changed the line also to "maniac". Did not help...

  • @Freakadude can you launch the game using verbose logging active and posting back the log in /dev/shm/runcommand.log ?

  • @Freakadude multiple versions of games should be supported by the lr-scummvm core too, you can have the same .svm file with the same gameid inside for more than one game directory. This file only tells the emulator which engine to use for the game data of the directory launched.

  • @hhromic It works now. It seems between changing the svm file somehow the retroarch config deleted the rom specific setting to launch this version with the lr-scummvm core. I now selected it again manually and now it started up normally. PS3 mapping works nicely and the mouse speed also is good. So far so good! :) Will convert all my games to this setup and see how it goes :) Any advice on how to store the videosnaps and images related to this setup? I had manually done all the items for the old version as most scrapers don't really work well with scummvm.

  • @Freakadude happy to hear it worked!

    Regarding the snaps, if all the game directories are named with .svm, then EmulationStation will see them as "regular roms". Then I used the internal ES scraper and after accepting the warning of scummvm being an unknown platform, it scraped my games normally like any other ordinary rom file.
    If you did it manually, just use the directory names (without .svm "extension") as the item entry, like any other ROM.

    If you have more testing feedback, please post it on the dedicated thread :)
    Good luck and thanks for testing! (and happy playing!)

  • @hhromic After a quick check regarding the snaps and info i think the easiest way will be to simply do a quick edit on my existing gamelist.xml as that seems to do the trick just fine. :)

  • @hhromic One more quick check. I noticed in your other documentation you also describe setting up MT-32 Emulation. Ist that guide also relevant for here or is it already integrated somehow?

  • @Freakadude yes, the scriptmodule compiles MT-32 support into the lr-scummvm core, but is not enabled by default because the RPI is not very powerful for it in some games.

    If you want to try it, go to the BIOS directory ($HOME/RetroPie/BIOS) and in there you will find the configuration file scummvm.ini.

    Once in there, set these options in the [scummvm] section (if not there, add them):


    To return to the default (disabled), delete the options from the config file.

    Edit: forgot to add an option to the list :)

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