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XU4 GPU Supported?

  • Hello Everyone,

    in the past i used a raspberry pi3 with retropi which was working kinda nice.
    Some months ago i bought a odroid xu4. sadly i had now time till now, to set it up but now i wanna install retropi on it.
    It retropi supporting the gpu of the Odroid?

    I sadly can not find something about this question via google or on this forum.

    Kind regards

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  • Yes i have seen this doc and currently working trough it, but i still ask myself if the gpu is fully supported.

    for example recalbox is not using the gpu, everything is done via the cpu.

    that's why i'm asking.

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    @Gardosen said in XU4 GPU Supported?:

    Yes i have seen this doc and currently working trough it, but i still ask myself if the gpu is fully supported.

    I don't understand what 'fully supported' means.

  • As i said, recalbox is not using the gpu at all. they process everything over the cpu, which makes PS Emulation abit slower then it could be with the usage of the Mali chip.

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    @Gardosen It's not Recalbox or RetroPie that use/support the GPU, but the OS and the emulators themselves, which are developed outside of these projects and are pretty much the same - speaking of emulators - in both projects.

  • @mitu You should buy an XU4 for just tinkering with the ORA project. You will be suprised from this .... It is true that the GPU drivers are not so well written (aka optimized) as for the Raspberry. The XU4 easily outbeats the Raspberry in pure CPU power but with less optimized graphic drivers the RPi is in some cases a bit better.

    But I never saw issues in PS1 emulation in XU4 (@Gardosen) can you tell me the title that does not perform well on the XU4 platform?

  • @cyperghost i will have to check again which game it was, but there was one which was slowing down to 25fps. If i remember correctly it was Road Rash 3D. not sure tho.

    but i will setup my xu4 with the guide of the docs, and check if i still encounter these issues.
    Honestly, the xu4 was ignored by the recalbox guys now for over a year. the task to rewrite the drivers has been pushed since 1 year from one backlog to the next one.

    but i remember seeing an hardkernel dev sharing the mali driver on github for the xu4 for using them. sadly nothing happened.

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