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Retropie Bezel Project & lr-mame2003 cfg does not persist after update?

  • Hi All,

    Hope all is well, I have been using Bezel Project for Arcade set and been loving it.
    I have notice a behavior that is starting to drive me mad and it's needle in a hay stack.


    • Every-time I update retropie (4.4.2 to 4.4.3 , and same 4.4.3 to 4.4.4) + all cores , all bezel project config files for lr-mame2003 get's ignored -> .configs\all\retroarch\config\MAME 2003\gamefiles.cfg
    • So I'm force to tell emulator for each game to load proper config to load bezel then "save game override"
    • Once I save the proper cfg/overlay for that 1 game and save game override all is good if i reload that game, but what happens that last bezel assigned well next game using lr-mame2003 I'm presented with the same last bezel loaded but force to set overlay for each game...
    • This has happened for every update...

    I really want to stay up to date with all emulators but lr-mame2003 has been giving me lots of trouble to keep bezel project to persist for only lr-mame2003. If you have any ideal why this is occurring I would be forever great-full! I have tried reloading bezel projects and still does not help after update. So I'm force to role back from backup so I don't lose my settings for lr-mame2003 overlays/bezel project. I really don't manual update this all over again. Thank you in advance and long live retro-gaming!

  • How does the Bezel Project adds the bezels ? Which configuration/override file does it modify ? Can you check if the override folder is identical between versions ?

  • @mitu can you elaborate check override folder/file 📁? All I know the bezel project downloads .cfg and associated .png and adds it to .configs\all\retroarch\config\MAME 2003\gamefiles.cfg.

  • @mitu I really don't think it's bezel-project the problem, i think it's update process of lr-mame2003 ... but this is there github has all code there

  • @Virtualman What I meant is if the override folder is the same (MAME 2003) between the versions of lr-mame2003. There's been a change in the core name (see and I think this might impact the override folder for the libretro core.

  • @mitu Much appreciated, where exactly would I create the symbolic link to avoid this problem? It's rather confusing link I read...

  • @mitu your clue lead to my resolution to this this needle in the hay stack!!! Thank you!!! Here is the resolution to the fix!
    pi@retropie:/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/config $ pwd
    pi@retropie:/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch/config $ ln -s MAME\ 2003/ "mame2003"

  • @Virtualman Can you explain a little more on how you fixed this?

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