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Raspberry Pi Zero with Xbox Controller

  • prefix: brand new to Retropie so please let me know if this isn't the place for this question or anything like that.

    Device: Raspberry Pi Zero
    power supply: tried many from computer to phone charger, unrelated to the problem.
    Version: 4.4
    Built from SD image
    Controller: Wired Xbox One controller - Doesn't work
    Controller: iNNEXT SNES Retro USB Controller - works -

    TLDR: Xbox One control doesn't work on Raspberry Pi Zero

    I have both a pi zero as well as a 3+ and the issue is only with the zero. I was also able to test USB SNES knock off and that worked. For the micro USB to USB hub (this seemed to sometimes be an issue for some people), I tried using both the one provided by adafruit as well as a "MakerSpot" one from Amazon and both behaved the same. Issue persists across all tested emulators.

    I am able to use the xbox controller in the menu before I enter an emulator as well as a wireless keyboard but as soon as I launch the game I can provide no input (even f4 on the keyboard doesn't work) I was almost convinced the Pi was defective or something but today I was able to test a different controller, the SNES knockoff above, and that worked. I am wondering if anyone has a fix for this or any suggestions. I have tested a number of different controlers and even a 3rd party wired Xbox 360 one and none of the controlers for xbox work(even when they work on the pi 3+)

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    How are you connecting the devices - do you have an USB hub (and which type) ? Can you check the system log with dmesg to see if any errors appear there when the controller becomes unresponsive ? What power source (and no, a phone charger is not a proper power source) are you using ?

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