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Flash Retropie to a mac laptop

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    I do have a raspberry pi, however I was wondering about repurposing an old mac laptop to run retropie off of. It seems simpler and better to have retropie as the os on the mac instead of running emulators etc. I was wondering if this is possible in worst case with dual boot, but I was hoping to have retropie as the only os.


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    @connormalc RetroPie is only available as an image for the Raspberry Pi. If you want to install it on a PC, you need to have an existing Linux installation. So, it's not possible to install the RetroPie image on a Mac. However, most of the emulators used by RetroPie are available on macOS and there are a few frontends for managing your game library, take a look at OpenEmu or RetroArch.

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    I could easily bootcamp windows or linux onto the system! It also looks as though there is a tool for installing a raspbian based os on mac called PIXEL! If I were to try which one of these would give best success in your opinion? Or is Retropie coded specifically to recognize raspberry pi hardware

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    @connormalc Raspbian is just a linux distro with specific Raspberry Pi bits, for x86 hardware I'd install another distro which might be better supported on the PC. PIXEL is the name of the former desktop environment for Raspbian, I don't see how that would help you, maybe you meant NOOBS ?
    I'd advise using bootcamp to try out Ubuntu - get the LTS 18.04 version - and install RetroPie on Ubuntu as explained in the Docs.
    RetroPie does not run on Windows and while Emulationstation and most of the emulators run also on Windows, it would take some time to manually configure them to work together.

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