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Upgrading Jessie to Stretch - how scared should I be?

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    Since the last Retropie script update my Pi has started moaning about being upgraded to Stretch every time I go near the menus, and it doesn't look like it'll ever stop unless I do it. (Also I quite fancy trying SteamLink.)


    makes it sound like an absolutely hideous and massive chore, with the risk of causing major damage to my precious hundreds-of-hours-of-work install at every step as I blunder around doing stuff I barely understand. Is that really the only viable route?

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    well, obviously you should make a backup first, so if anything goes wrong it's a 10 minute job to rectify.

    personally, i took the opportunity to do a fresh install. for me, my entire process of configuraiton is fairly minimal since I have my roms (and gamelists/metadata) on an external usb drive, and i don't like to stray from the defaults in most emulators. upgrading seems like more effort, but if you've done a lot of tweaks then you may feel differently.

    you could back up the config directories also, i suppose, but you'll probably still have some faffing about backing up/restoring emulationstation stuff, /boot/config.txt, themes, etc.

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    @dankcushions So... your answer is essentially "Yes, it IS going to be a hideous and massive chore, and yes it IS the only way"?

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