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Retropie and external hard drive question

  • Hi there first time posting, I hope this is in the right section, apologies if it's not.
    I setup a pi for my next door neighbor using an external drive to add games to, what I'm asking is when I transfer games over using \\retropie on my computer will the games be sent to the external drive or will they be sent to the raspberry pi storage?
    I'm only asking because his and my pi are on the same network so I cant actually try it out on my own, and I never use the function as I just plug my external drive in to my computer to transfer files.

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    @ccllaarrkkyy It depends on how you set it up. If you used the instructions in the Docs, then copying the ROMs over file shares (\\retropie) will add them to the external drive.

  • I used the automatic way of doing it by just making the retropie-mount folder in the root of the drive and plugging it in to the pi and just let it do its thing.


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