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Newbie Help - Exit Game with one button

  • I'm new to raspberry pi as well as retropie, I just finished building my first control panel to use with retropie, I understand how to setup multiple controllers using the control pad, since it functions as a keyboard. The only thing I'm not sure how to do, that I want to be able to setup, is using a single button to exit games. I know how to set it up that way using launchbox and a pc build, but retropie is a little different. I have extra buttons on my board that I want to use for functions such as exit and select, and things of that sort. Any insight, and help would be greatly appreciated. I'm excited to get this all setup and try it out.


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    @Moleburt If your control pad acts as a keyboard, map a button to the Esc button and this should help you in Libretro (RetroArch) emulators to exit games. For non-Libretro emulators (if you use one), you'll have to configure them with their own configuration file to do the same (use Esc to exit).

  • @mitu Perfect! that's how it works with my PC setup, just wasn't sure if having a key mapped to "esc" would work.

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