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Storing and using roms on both the usb flash drive and SD card?

  • So up untill now I have been running all my games from a usb flash drive (utilizing the automatic mount feature). This meant I had 3 usb slots left for controllers. So if I wanted to play some 4 player games like Super bomberman or Mario kart 64 I always thought I would either have to use a usb hub or keep a separate sd card with these games stored directly on it.

    But today I thought why not store these games on both my flash drive and sd card? That way I still have the games when playing from my usb flash drive and when I have friends over I just unplug the flash drive, put 4 controllers in and I play these games from my sd card.

    So I unplugged my flash drive and transferred the games through winscp to the empty snes and n64 folders on my sd card and everything seems to run just as I thought it would! :) Is there any reason to think of why this could cause any issues?

  • If you have used the Automatic Method, there should be no issues. As the Docs say, "the USB will be mounted over the RetroPie folder". While the USB folder is mounted over the folder on the SD card, the latter is completely invisible (and inaccessible) for the operating system and all applications. When the USB is not present, the SD folder will be used instead.

  • @Clyde Good to hear! Glad I didn't look into usb hubs yet then. I also heard they could introduce some input lag so I'm glad this way I dont have to bother with them.

  • One thing I would recommend to be on the safe side is only to remove/plug in the USB drive when the Pi is switched off or at least not running the Retropie system (e.g. shut down but not powered off).

  • @Clyde Yes agreed, didn't plan on doing that. :)

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