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RPI 3 Flickering after 30 - 60 mins

  • Hi guys,

    I have a problem with my raspberry pi 3.
    After about 30 - 60 minutes it begins to flicker.

    I'm running MagicMirror on the system since one year. Some time ago i wanted to update MagicMirror, but after that nothing worked. So I took a new SD-Card and installed everything again. Everything works fine for about 30-60 minutes but then it starts to flicker.

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    Looks like a bad cable/overheating issue. Do you have a proper power source ? Do you get the undervoltage or the temperature warnings after this period ?

  • @mitu
    I have a Bose power supply 1,6A 5V.
    28AWG cable.
    I don't get an error.
    The CPU temp is 52°C

    Like I said, it worked for about one year without any problems.

  • Are you sure your power supply is rated at 1.6A. Maybe its run ok for a year but now its starting to fail

    The PI3B needs a constant steady 2A minimum to work correctly under load and realistically 2.5A for no problems

    I use an official PI power supply that was at least twice if not 3 times the price of ones that claim to supply 2.5A and even overclocked to its limits never had a power supply problem, when stress testing it or running N64 or heavy PSX games

    The majority of power supplies are designed for mobile phones and rated at 2.5A are lucky to manage 1A under heavy load from the PI3B. Ok for low loads such as mobile phones or tablets, but just can't manage the CONSTANT 2A the PI3B needs. The PI3B+ is even higher at a minimum of 2.5A and even fussier if it doesn't get it

    I also use it as a KODI box and runs fine, even on 1080p films

    This explains in GREAT details how power supplies claims to be ok but are far from it and why

  • Thanks for the interessting link.
    Yesterday I tried the original RPI power supply, but same as before. After about 30-60 mins everything starts to flicker. I don't get any errors and if I reboot the system everything works fine for the next 30-60 mins.

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