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Backdrops in mame2003-plus

  • I think Ra frontend should have an option to bind or not bind the keyboard to retropad this would save people having to do this it would hep with cores that need use the keyboard. hotkeys are easy as long as you assign a hotkey they wont activate unless the hotkey activiate + hotkey is pressed. but thats another subject all together. If we had that option none of these input modes would be needed for an option.

  • @Riverstorm said in Backdrops in mame2003-plus:

    I can think of 3 or 4 ideas if you include focus mode but I hope to avoid that option as not to confuse the average gamer that just wants to come over and play games. That way they don't need to press a key every time they start the core.
    The option that appeals to me right now is setting core or system (to cover all MAME cores) level RA keyboard inputs to 'NUL' and using TAB to keep single stick mappings for tank games like Vindicators, Ultra Tank, etc.

    As you're really experienced in controls it would be nice, if it doesn't take too much of your time, if you could share your special, per game, setups in a dedicated thread.

  • @UDb23 - Almost everything I know/use is under the link @grant2258 posted above. Whoever the author is did a nice job. It's written and laid out very well. It covers global, system, ROM and core overrides. You also have core remap overrides. I would basically recreate that document to explain what I know. In addition to some odds and ends.

    When I setup a per game config I use the TAB menu for Input (this game) and change what I want from the global settings. Most games are fine at the default settings as @grant2258 has them done very similar to MAME and they are a great foundation.

    Games I like to override for example are pinball games. It's so much better if the flipper buttons are on the left/right shoulders or left/right triggers I think so I use per game configs in those cases.

    If there's anything I can do to help troubleshoot any input issues just let me know as I would gladly help you for all you have shared with your artwork or I could open a new thread but you almost need to have a case scenario to help as there's so many things to explain and so many things that could go wrong.

    I could try and explain my Sky Diver issue. I think it would help in understanding.

  • @Riverstorm Understood. I used the TAB menu myself previously; thought showing "tricky" specific game's controller setup could be interesting. You're right, asking on specific issues is probably better. Also I haven't tried latest controls implementation by @grant2258 extensively, so maybe new defaults don't require any changes.

  • Has there been any thought into "interactive" artwork, such as the gamemode selection art in Lunar Lander? As is, there isn't a way to see what mode you are using in the game because in the original there was a light next to descriptions of each mode outside the screen.

  • @ward614 - It does work now. You'll need to use Mr. Do's old artwork. Also you'll need to setup the Mode Select option key/button in the TAB menu to switch modes.

    @UDb23 - I do think the larger default configuration options are good OOBE but I think tweaking the controls becomes a preference if certain keys just feel more comfortable. I do override the defaults for some racing and pinball games but not to many. If you do get into a game that you can't get tweaked properly through the TAB menu I will definitely help in any way I can.

  • @Riverstorm Would it be possible to start a new thread to discuss individual arcade rom configurations? I know I have run some games where it was very difficult to figure out a good mapping and I would find a discussion on the matter very useful.

  • @quicksilver - Yeah if you want to start a thread I can definitely try and answer any questions. When it gets into some of the advanced m3plus configuration variations like legacy remapping and keyboard, retropad or simultaneous together it gets kind of complex. I've only used Analog and Digitalcontrol mapping extensively.

    @grant2258 recently walked me through it and he he understands it to a tee and is actually the dev that coded it. I think I understand most of it pretty well but I am a little shaky when it comes to some of the digital and analog options.

    I am just throwing that out there because I think it took me a few years to really get RA and how it's integrated into cores. I don't have a real good way to explain some of the concepts but I know how to fix them. Anyway I would definitely help if I can.

  • Let me try simplify the digital and digital and analog options.

    normally mame only maps one way analog.

    All the digital mapping does is it maps all the analog devices to the digital up/down/left/right directions instead of using the analog that it defaults too.

    We could map both if you wanted rid of the option it means you will loose 4 mappings you could have used for other things.

    its just there for people with a barcade that dont want to map every analog device in input ->general nothing more too it.

    if your using analog and digital you can change the digital controls only in input general up/down/left/right to teh dpad and all your analog devices will still used the lstick and digital games will use the dpad.

  • @grant2258 - Thanks for the information. I've been spending some time messing around with the the options and thing make sense now. I think this core is complete for me, game wise. I've added all the games that I remember or have been suggested as good play. The only games I add now really are what you and Arcadez implement or new backdrops, then I'll add that game too. :)

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