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  • I'm guessing that currently there is no way to do this, but I'm going to ask anyway. I'm making my own Sega-themed build and I really want to add some of the cool documentary stuff on YouTube as a kind of "bonus features" thing.

    I know Kodi can do this, but honestly it's too klunky for what I want. I want another option on the ribbon and then the videos to be listed and playable just like ROMs. I'm aiming for a seamless experience that avoids the "now you're in another application" feel of using Kodi.

    Again, I assume this really isn't possible because I certainly haven't found anything like it yet, but it can't hurt to ask.

  • What final result are you looking to achieve?
    You could create a place holder rom file and edit the gamelist.xml so the video pointed to one of the locally saved doc videos and use a skin with video support, that way you could just highlight the name the video would play right there.

  • @jakejm79
    That would be plan B. Not exactly what I want honestly. I want to have the videos listed, selectable and then play full-screen.

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    @TwoShedsWilson That's easy - just create a new system with Videos in the carousel, then associate omxplayer with the video system. Instead of running runcommand to start an emulator, you'd just be running omxplayer <ROMNAME>. See the docs on how to add a new system in Emulationstation here.

  • @mitu Thank you! I'll try it out tonight!

  • I hope this works for you @TwoShedsWilson I might see if I can work it into one of my builds for fun

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