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Strange Folder?

  • I'm going through and doing a little bit of early Spring Cleaning on my image. I noticed I have a strange folder in my /home/pi folder called linux. I'm not sure where it came from. But when I checked, it's eating up 1.3gb of data on my card. Also, it has a modification date of 11/30/2017. I know I've been doing a lot of tinkering, trying to get various things installed and working, most recently OpenBOR, but also stuff with my whole Controller Situation. Seeing as how it has been over a year since it was modified, and it's eating up a crap ton of space, I thought it would be safe to erase. I've not done so yet, and thought I'd ask the folks here first.

    Is there supposed to be a folder called linux in my /home/pi/ path of the SD card? Anybody know where that might have come from? Perhaps some update or something that didn't get cleaned up?

    I'm thinking about renaming the folder temporarily and seeing if anything goes haywire with it before erasing. Like I said, just asking the community first.

  • @hansolo77
    It's Nintendo tracking ROM's players ...
    Joke ... rename the folder to linux.old and see if something goes wrong.
    Make a backup of the SD card before.

  • @wmarcio said in Strange Folder?:

    It's Nintendo tracking ROM's players ...

    Or it may just be how Linux is reproducing. ;)

    @hansolo77 What's in it, and how did you check that it uses 1.3 GB?

  • I am using WinSCP to connect to the Pi. From here, I can right click a folder then Properties. There is a button "Calculate" to will scan the folder's filesize.

    Here's a small example of the files inside:
    alt text

    I'm going to try renaming it tonight.

  • administrators

    @hansolo77 looks like a checkout of the Linux kernel source. Did you build a custom kernel or kernel driver?

  • I did a long time ago, trying to fix problems with my controllers. I looks like renaming the folder had no adverse affect. I'm going to let it keep running over night to be safe.

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    @hansolo77 Then it's from that - you can remove it.

  • That teaches one to tidy up behind oneself after compiling, lest you'll find the remains later when you don't remember putting them there. 😊

    (Alas, data remains don't tend to decompose by themselves like other remains do.)

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