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Controller woes - can't for the life of me get more than one to connect

  • Well. I must say I'm new to this but I've got a system-not sure of details as it was a gift but it's running on a pi 3b+. As far as I'm aware it's a premade image with some custom themes.

    Anyway I have an 8bitdo n30pro2 connected as well as a USB keyboard. I have a steam controller(but no USB dongle) and a dual shock 3 controller. I can't get any other controllers to connect whilst the ps3 controller (with driver) is connected, is there any fix for this or would buying a seperate Bluetooth adapter to run the ps3 controller off work? Also I have had my steam controller connected via Bluetooth (with correct drivers) and it seems to work... As a mouse(which is no use) but I cannot seem to have it be recognised as a controller in emulationstation. Is there anything I'm missing or is it just worth buying a cheap Bluetooth controller?

    If there's any info I can provide, let me know

    Update. Via some black magic my ds3 Controller connected... But still no steam ;(

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    @MosaicDragon We don't support 3rd party images - You can install the RetroPie's image from or ask the image creator for help.

  • @mitu I think that's what I meant, the person who gifted it to me setup the image from the official source. I'm not sure how to put things as I'm new to the whole forums and rules etc.

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    @MosaicDragon The ps3driver - if installed - will disable the native OS Bluetooth stack, so you'll not be able to pair additional (non-PS3) controllers. This is the behavior you're seeing. I advise you to remove the ps3driver and install the sibling customhidsonly driver and try to pair any Bluetooth controllers you have (including the PS3 controller).

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