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  • hi all in need of a little help again here im affraid.

    i have i raspberry pi3b with a 32gd samsung evo sd card with retropie 4.4 image installed and all upto date.
    i use retrorama theme and everything else is pretty much left as default.
    I have started to notice lag with the retrorama theme from @lipebello
    when i first switch on the pi everything works as normal then after launching 1 game that when it lags.
    as i launch a rom the theme fades out but stutters, then when i have finished playing the rom when i exit back to emulation station the theme lags as it loads gamelist back up, its like its loading a image every second, i get the comic background first then the screenshot then the other images load and finally the text. this probably all happens over 4-5 seconds.
    then after all this emulation station just lags in general until the system is rebooted.
    then all of the above repeats itself after launching just 1 rom and exiting back to emulation station.
    i have tried vram on 80mb 90mb and 100mb, not sure if i should go any here so thought id ask on her first what the problem could be.
    when selecting 90mb vram it did stop the lag when launching a rom but the rest stays the same and does not improve.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello @robmcc83 , i use the same card as you're using on my bartop running rpi3b, i use about 10 systems on it and a LCD monitor using a HDMI to VGA adaptor. I've set the video mode to 720p and i think i've set the ram to 80.
    I don't like fade or slide effects on this theme, so i leave on instant.

  • Hi @lipebello
    Thanks for you response
    I too use 10 systems lol
    My is connected to a 1080p LG tv.
    How do I set the pi to 720p video mode.

  • you edit the config.txt file with some of these settings:

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