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Your favorite games...

  • Obligatory im new to retropie.
    Whats your favourite retro games and what emulators do you run them on?
    Tryna add some new games to my collection and i'm unsure where to start.

  • @MosaicDragon This is a very hard to answer question and would need a time to give an appropriate list for each system. There are some obvious titles like Zelda, Mario, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter games and such and a lot hidden gems, who are just waiting to be discovered. You are new to RetroPie, but are you new to retro gaming at all? Unless you give a context like genres and what systems you are interested in, I start with "some" of my favorite games.

    I would say, if you really don't know where to start, then start with the SNES console. And secondly look at NES and Mega Drive/Genesis. There are some home computer systems like Amiga, but those aren't that easy to setup. Arcade games setup is tricky too. And lastly, N64 emulation is very problematic and many games aren't working or are working very bad. Then there is Playstation, which works fine in most cases.

    Oh and I forgot to ask at which platform you use RetroPie? My above exprience is by using it on Raspberry Pi 3B. The PC version of it does not have all these problems.

    Some recommendations for SNES:

    • Super Mario World
    • Zelda - A Link To The Past
    • Super Metroid
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Donkey Kong Country 2

    You can safely use the default emulator. For Super Nintendo, I use Snes9x v1.54 I think. I think the default version is an older version, but in most cases it does not matter much. The most default emulators have some special additions and are prepared to work better with the RetroPie environment.

  • @MosaicDragon Did you stumble upon the thread yet? It's full of good, yet not well-known games (and many comprehensive lists from @thelostsoul 😉).

  • I can advice you to visit those links presented by the guy @Clyde above me. Some solid suggestions.

  • @thelostsoul said in Your favorite games...:

    I would say, if you really don't know where to start, then start with the SNES console.

    While I absolutely second that, I want to throw in the PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16. It was a powerful little 8/16-bit hybrid that wasn't as successful in the USA as it was in Japan (Europe didn't get it at all 😭 ). It had tons of well-made, beautiful designed games, some great exclusive titles like Air Zonk / PC Denjin Punkic Cyborg!, and the best two titles from the Crush Pinball series, namely Alien Crush and Devil's Crush / Devil Crash. But its supreme discipline was the SMUP genre.

  • My most favorite is Final Fantasy. I used to really like Minecraft (that I downloaded free from apknite), but my bias has turned to FF for a while

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