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Help : Mupen64plus and Pokemon Snap control stick

  • I don't manage to play this game with the ability to move the target and aim before taking pictures. Normally this is done using the "N64 control stick" but with this game, it does not work (while other gams that use the control stick are ok).

    So : if you managed to play this game, please any help will be welcome, my children will be very happy.

  • @toto2000 need more information please read this first and post the requested info:

  • Retrope 4.4.4/Pi 3B+, and I tried with an xbox360 wired controller, a 8bitdo SF-30 Bluetooth controller, and a PS3 wired controller. All these work with other games.

    I tried using lr-mupen64plus but the graphics where bad (many textures white) so I installed mupen64plus-glide64 and this solved my texture problems. I also recreated my gamepad config through emulationstation (and I guess that this re-created the config files for mupen64plus as I could read in the retropie wiki). Lots of N64 games work perfectly, as I said, left stick is recognized, etc. I only encounter problems with the game pokemon snap. It works, but I cannot move the small cross target for aiming the camera to pokemons. I'd like at least to hear from someone who managed to do this.

  • @toto2000 I just tested this game. Once you get past the little tutorial that tells you how to take a picture I was able to to use left stick on my Xbox 360 controller to move the cameras crosshair around. So I can confirm that it works.

  • Ok, I found the problem : the rom I used was a .z64 one I grabbed from an emulation web site, and this rom was apparently patched for the z64 linux graphic plugin for mupen64 and this confused the controller setup. I got another one and this time it works...

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