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Analog Joystick Support in lr-mame2003

  • Hello,

    Possible newb question here but hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I purchased a 2600-daptor for our Atari games but thought I'd try to get it to work in MAME for Arkanoid. According to the help page for the 2600-daptor I need to enable the joystick.

    Here is the relevant clip:
    "In MAME/MESS, remember to enable the joystick. For paddle games, you will want to set the Joystick Deadband to 0.0."

    After spending half a day experimenting and Googling I still haven't figured out how to enable the joystick in lr-mame2003.

    To the best of my knowledge the 2600-daptor presents itself as an analog device.

    Has anyone else used the 2600-daptor in MAME and if so how did you get it working?


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