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Why can't I install/update anything?

  • Hey ya'll, I'm pretty new here. I got a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a SanDisk 32GB microsd card in the Pi, running retropie 4.4.4, and I had a 4GB usb flashdrive to put the games on the Pi, with a wired PowerA xbox one controller hooked in, a wired usb keyboard and a mouse, and while I'm not sure I have a sd image on the microsd itself, I did use this guide in order to get RetroPie on my system: Also, I have it connected to my school's wifi, and I had a Ethernet cable connected to it. Anyways, when ever I try to install something on the Pi, like for example, eduke32, it fails to install the package to my Pi, and on other certain installs like Quake 3, the error message "Error running 'git clone --recursive --depth 1' " shows up. I can't even update the damn script itself. All I get is "fatal: unable to access '' SSL: certificate subject name (*college site) does not match target host name ''" What's going on? I was able to use the wifi to connect to the server and install stuff before. Did I run out of space, is my internet connection messed up, or is something else going on?

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    @Drax98 I recommend the official documentation

  • Ok, it looks like everything is working normally now that I put a Ethternet cable in the machine, and it was able to install everything. Looks like I need the Ethernet cable to do stuff.

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