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golden tee fore 2006 complete - works on laptop but can't get to retropie... help!

  • Hi all...

    any advice on this?

    I have mame64 application downloaded on my laptop. I can launch it from my laptop, click on golden tee fore 06 and it will launch with no issues.

    I cannot figure out how to copy it over to my retropie so I can use it with my tankstick/trackball set up.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    I don't think GT 2006 it will be able to be emulated on the PI, the little berry hasn't got that power. You'll need at least Mame 0.161, for which you'll need to install lr-mame - an experimental package itself takes more than 1 day to compile on the PI.

  • ok - I have mame64 version .198 (not on the pi 3)

    dang - so I need a computer to run it most likely

    The only reason I'm asking is because I've seen other people say they got gtfore06 working via the pi 3, which is what I have.

    I have all of the files, I just cannot figure out which folders they need to be placed into.

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    @bsuper13 Feel free to try it out and report - install lr-mame-2016 or lr-mame from the RetroPie-Setup packages, but it will take some time to install.

  • Hi. Thanks for advice. I ended up downloading mame32 and launching from laptop connected to the tankstick. It is working! The only issue is there is echo from the commentators. From what I understand I need a more powerful (3.5 ghz or more computer).

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